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foaled March 1995

Sat-Har (sired by Niga) x HW Bint Fadove (sired by Halim Witez)

Purchased as an untrained three year old gelding to trail ride on, it became apparent by age 6 that "Jet" was willing to try most anything and thus began a show career. In very limited showing (usually only one show a year) he has gained 31 AHA points in Native Costume, Western Pleasure, Halter, English Pleasure and Walk-Trot. In his spare time serves as a lesson horse for young children to adults. He still spends a lot of time trail riding and especially enjoys bareback riding with no bridle or halter, where he behaves like a perfect gentleman, even sidepassing and backing on command.

Jet and Faith at our new home Jet and Faith in their new home 2nd 2007 SIERA Charity Horse Show - Walk-Trot
1st 2007 SIERA - Native Costume winnner's gallop 1st 2007 SIERA Charity Horse Show - Native Costume 1st 2008 SIERA Show - Western Pleasure
1st 2008 SIERA Charity Horse Show - W. Pleasure 1st Arabian Halter SIERA 2008 1st SIERA Native Costume 2010
3rd 2006 SIERA Charity Show Halter 2006 SIERA Charity Horse Show - Halter 2006 SIERA Charity Horse Show - Halter 3rd
1st Native Costume Eldon 2005 Jet Head profile 1st 2008 SIERA Charity Show - Arabian Halter
1st Halter Eldon 2005 1st Halter Eldon 2005 Bridleless trotting 1999
Bridless loping 1999 Waiting at Eldon 2005 2nd Open Western Pleasure Eldon 2005
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